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October 2001

  • Still busy on my new job, taking care of my own home and some other things. Finaly planning a major update before Xmas, but not yet promising anything, sorry.
  • Moved most of the pics and soundbites from the Easter calendar to the picture and sound archives. There's also a new trailer in the movie section, but seems a little bit faulty. Gonna take care of that.
  • My webspace and domain provider gave every customer more webspace at no extra costs, means 50MB total for me.
  • Installed new web counter, because the original one were reseted again. Don't remember the exact number it had before, so assuming it was about 17,000. Will doublecheck that.

January 2001

  • Happy new Year!
    Not many updates at the moment, cause I was busy on studying for my master degree and getting a job, sorry. Now busy on my new job. Nevertheless two updates to tell about:
  • and are our new and very own domain names for this site! Payed for them, so no additional ads or danger that they'll get lost. Another positive thing: One of the accounts includes 30MB of space, of course advertising free, so hoepfully the popups are gone for good.
  • Moved most of the pics and soundbites from the xmas calendar to the picture and sound archives

January 2000

  • Happy new Year!!!
  • Please note that my email has changed. The old mailserver doesn't exist any more, so please use the new address only!!!
  • Moved most of the pics and soundbites from the xmas calendar to the picture and sound archives

December 1999

  • Made a xmas calendar like last year. Don't worry if you've missed it -
    all pics/soundbites/etc are going to be moved to the archives next year.
  • We celebrate our 3th anniversary.

February-November 1999

  • Have been busy with final year studies, so couldn't update the page
    frequently. A lot of new fanart has come to the Fanart page anyway.
    And there's a guestbook folks!
  • The page got it's 10,000th hit in August. Thank you everybody:-)

February 11th 1999

  • Sniff. After 2 years and one month the page is moving to
    a new server. The new (redirect-)adress will always be: .
  • Did a few style corrections. All pages have got the same navigation bar.
    Still no frames;-)
  • Moved the pics from the xmas-calendar to the screengrabs page and
    the soundfiles to the sound page.
  • Uploaded one new fanfcic to the Fanfic page
  • Uploaded new drawings and other stuff to the Fanart page

December 1998

  • Sorry for the long delay! In the meantime, Sushil's series has been completed
  • Created the "Bonkers' Special Christmas Calendar"

Juny 25th 1998

  • Uploaded 5 new fanfcics from Sushil's "Bonkers 1999" series to the
    Fanfic page
  • Uploaded a new drawing to the Fanart page

April 23th 1998

  • Uploaded a new fanfcic on the Fanfic page Actualy it's the first
    episode of a new Bonkers related fanfic series!

April 13th 1998

January 13th 1998

  • Also the German page got the new style

December 1997

  • TA-DA! The new style is coming up - more material will coming soon;-)
  • Added two new photographs on the fanart page
  • Link page corrected, new links add, older links removed

August 7th 1997

July 1th 1997

June 10th 1997

April 09th 1997

April 1 1997

  • The new styled linkpage uploadet. I think I've got almoust all links to DA related sites.

March 10th 1997

March 06th 1997

  • Sniff. The show is closed by our "German Disney Channel" (so called from a journal)
    Added a small notice about this.
  • Now this site is a proud part of the "Disney Afternoon Web Ring". You'll find these
    buttons at the bottom of the main-page
  • Ooops ! I've forgot to add the links for the opening- and closing-themes. Now fixed :-)

February 23th 1997
The complete new styled version of my page comes up with a lot of new stuff:

  • Added a new section in the picture archive, wich is filled with framegrabs done
    by my new screengrabber
  • The page with the pictures from the FTP-Archive has moved ! Still you can
    find the thumbnails here, but now every link goes on a foreign site.
  • Finaly the sound page is almost done. The intros are also moved there.
  • Also the linkpage is done.
  • The Personal-Page is done too.
  • Adding the "What's New" page with a history list (You are here already :-) )
  • Moved the "Legal Notes" to a separate page
  • Moved all lyrics and fan-fiction to a separate page
  • Added a navigation list on each page
  • Added the DA-Ring buttons on the main page, membership is asked for

January 16 1997

  • Replace the background image whit a new, brighter one

January 5 1997

  • First announcement about this site in the DAFT link-list :-) Thanks to negaduck !

January 2th 1997 7.30 AM (supposed :-) )

  • Our server is working again without any trouble, lets see whats happens :-)
  • Corrected spelling on all pages, especially replaced all (german) z in "official" ;-)

December 21th 1997 7.30 AM (CET)

  • Oops ! Our server goes down for service during the holidays

December 20th 1997 4.00 PM (CET)

  • Upload the pre-version 0.6e (english) and 0.6d (german) as the first public version
  • (Dont ask about earlier versions)
  • Added local counter

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