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Musican chat It's time to make some noise
Quiet please! I can't hear thinking myself!

In this quite room you can listen to some sound bites


Poems (sorta;-) )

Sound Sound in a cereal box
Sound"That's better"
Sound"Just curious"
Sound Tasty ;-)
Sound Bonkers' heros
Sound "I've got an idea !"
Sound Are there more as only one?
SoundDelicious (Cereal surreal)
SoundJust funny (Tokio Bonkers)
SoundOooops ! (Never cry pig)
Sound Going swiming again?
Sound Wake up!
Sound"Timing is everything !"

Sound Follow me

Sound Typing on a...
Sound Under...Yak?!
Sound Interesting afternoon
Sound This is a job for...?
Sound Bobcat heaven
Sound This is soo cool!
SoundRed hering...
SoundWow, Roderick knows Darkwing Duck!
SoundThank's a bunch!
SoundFrog in his throat
SoundBanana Peel
SoundOh my gosh!
SoundThe famous detective handbook
SoundYou can count on me!!
SoundRemeber the time you lost your keys?
SoundD. Bobcat is ready.
SoundHe wasn't that bad for a villain
SoundAt least somebody wants me
SoundMaybe there's a cake in the washer
SoundThe kangaroos, the dingos...NEW
SoundPolice rule #27 NEW
SoundThe Bonkers and the brain NEW
SoundWhy I am the only on cheering? NEW
SoundJust the fax maám NEW
SoundI need a spatula! NEW
SoundControversial Subject NEW
SoundBeauty is even in the wrench NEW

© 1996-2005 Andreas Müller