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Create your own fantabulous adventure with Bonkers!

"The case of the Toontown Scribbler"

Written and coded by Sushil K. Rudranath
HTML adaption by Andreas Müller

Characters Copyright (C) Walt Disney Studios. Used without Permission.

Someone's scribbling Toons all over Hollywood! It's up to you, a new
rookie in the Hollywood P.D.'s 34th precinct, to track down the
nefarious ne'er do well with your new partners, Bonkers D. Bobcat
and Miranda Wright!

Along the way, you'll get help from characters like the likeable
toon garbageman, Snitch, Jitters, and the always amusing
Chief Kanifky- but look out for the schemings of criminals like
Al Vermin and Lilith DuPrave!

Distribution of this program is encouraged so long as it is not
tampered with, modified, dissassembled, used for topping, or charged
a fee for. This book/game is FREEWARE, get it? Got it? Good!

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