Cartoon, My Cartoon

O cartoon, my cartoon
As funny as you can be
One moment you act natural
Till your squad car crashes into a tree.
Yet you aren't hurt a single bit
Although your partner yells to you;
"I'll never understand you, never,
Cartoon, my cartoon!"

O cartoon, my cartoon
You're not a normal bobcat
"That's what makes me so adorable!"
Yes, you are the one who said that.
Your nose is red, your uniform blue
You're orange and you're furry
You're covered in black polka-dots
I'll always love you, don't you worry!

O cartoon, my cartoon
An anvil falls upon your head
But never fear, my cartoon dear
It will not make you dead.
After school, on TV, at 3 PM
I'll sit and wait for you
I'll laugh and laugh until I weep
Cartoon, my cartoon.

*sighs* I love Bonkers. Such a great show. Gnar, anyway, hope you liked my poem ^_^. All Bonkers fans: Please direct your attention to -- this site, and please read what I have to say!! PLEASE DO!! Thank you ^_^. And BTW, I'm going to write a Bonkers fanfic soon, so PLEASE stay tooned for that!!
Cartoon, my Cartoon is (c) 2002 Katie Cooper, AKA Nekonezume, c/o Psycho Bunny Network.