Here's the episode list for the 42 episodes make by Robert Taylor. Taylor came in after Duane Capizzi was removed, and threw out the old premise of the show. He replaced it with the Lucky Piquel scenario, and his episodes were ret-conned to occur before the Capizzi episodes. Also below is a partial cast list.
                                    Main Cast

   Bonkers D. Bobcat    Jim Cummings
        Lucky Piquel       Jim Cummings
        Fall-Apart Rabbit     Frank Welker
   Police Chief Leonard Kanifky  Earl Boen
        Marilyn Piquel        Sherry Lynn
   Dilandra "Dil" Piquel      April Winchell
        Toots           Frank Welker
   Broderick the Radio     Jim Cummings
   Police Light         Charlie Adler
   Francine Kanifky     Tress MacNeille

Basic Spraining (Eine merkwürdige Ausbildung)
     Criminal mastermind Mackey McSlime sets up a phony police training academy
as a trap for Bonkers and Lucky.
   Mackey McSlime       Peter Cullen
Calling all Cars  (Wer zuletzt lacht...)
     Toon tow-truck Ma Parker charms Lucky into letting her in the Police 
Garage, where she steals police car parts.
   Ma Parker         June Forey

Cereal Surreal (Die Spielzeugdiebe)
     Three thuggish toon elves frame spokesmen Slap, Sniffle, and Plop for 
stealing cereal box prizes so they can take their jobs.

The Cheap Sheep Sweep (Wolf im Schafspelz)
     A wolf's kidnapping toons and making "novelty sheep" out of them to sell.

Color me Piquel (Die Farben-Diebe)
     Two black-and-white toons steal color from other toons to colorize them-

The Comeback Kid (So ein Theater !)
     Toon rooster Chick and his sidekick pose as moviemakers and hire Bonkers
and Lucky for their movie, so that the cops will create a diversion while they 
rob a museum.
   Chick          Chick Venerra

The Day the Toon Stood Still (Chaos in Toontown)
     Pops, who controls toons' sense of timing, gets fed up with being taken 
for granted and throws toon time out of whack.

The Dimming (Das Hotel in den Bergen)
     Lucky wants to be a horror novelist.  So Bonkers sets him up as caretaker
of a remote ski lodge in the mountains.  But the lodge just might be haunted.

Fall-Apart Bomb Squad (Bombenstimmung)
     Bonkers recruits Fall-Apart as the toon-division bomb expert, and they
go after a crazed toon bomb who wants to be a stand-up comedian.
      Manny the Bomb       Jess Harnell?

Fall-Apart Land (Der Immobilienhai)
     Lucky and Fall-Apart dream of running a theme park.  So Fall-Apart buys
and renovates a park from a crooked real-estate agent.

The Final Review (Der letzte Auftritt (?) )
     Bonkers and Lucky protect Charles Quibble, a TV critic who panned Bon-
kers's old show, from an assassin.

A Fine Kettle of Toons (Verdächtig, verdächtig !)
     Lucky secretly plans a surprise party for the Chief for his 40th. anniver
sary on the force.  But the Chief wants to know what he's up to, so he teams up
with Fall-Apart to spy on Bonkers and Lucky.

Frame that Toon (Verbrechen nach Noten)
     Bonkers helps a toon saxophone find her brother, Alto the double bass.
But they find him helping a pickpocket rip off tourists.
      saxophone         Cree Summer
   Alto           Dorian Harewood

Get Wacky (Die Jagt nach Wahnfried Wiesel)
     Bonkers faces off Wacky Weasel, the cunningest toon villain that ever 
   Wacky Weasel         Rip Taylor

Going Bonkers, Part 1 (Der Toonsammler Teil 1)
     The premiere episode, where Wackytoons Studios star Bonkers D. Bobcat
gets fired when his TV show gets cancelled.  But he stumbles his way into a 
job on the Hollywood Police Department.
   W.W. Wacky        David Doyle

Going Bonkers, Part 2 (Der Toonsammler Teil 2)
     Bonkers and his first partner, Detective Lucky Piquel, battle the Collect-
or, who kidnaps toons and laminates them.
   The Collector        Michael Bell

The Good, the Bad, and the Kanifky (Vom Regen in die Traufe)
     The mayor busts Chief Kanifky all the way down to the toon division.
   mayor          Don Messick
        Scatter Squirrel      Tino Insana

The Greatest Story Never Told (Der Polizist des Jahres)
     Toon camera Zoom and microphone Boom trash Lucky in their TV show on cops.
   Zoom           Rob Paulsen

Hamster Houseguest (Tiny, der Riesenhamster)
     Bonkers and Lucky reluctantly help out the toon team Tiny the Hamster and
Mister Big, who are down on their luck.
   Tiny           Charlie Adler

Hand over the Dough (Backe,Backe Kuchen)
     Bonkers and Lucky try to determine who's blowing up the delivery trucks
of the Butterman Bakery company.

Hear No Bonkers, See No Bonkers  (Das geheimnissvolle Blubberbad)
     Bonkers and Lucky stumble upon two crooks that are selling shampoo to 
toons that'll make toons invisible.  But Bonkers accidentally gets Lucky fired.

I Ought to be in Toons (Der Hochstapler)
     Bonkers and Lucky investigate the disappearance of "THE Mouse.  The most
famous toon in the world."
   Mickey Mouse         Wayne Allwine

Imagine That (Ein Bleistift auf Abwegen)
     A toon pencil's spreading toon grafitti all over Hollywood.  Marilyn goes
after him, into a surreal toon world where he hides out.

In the Bag  (Ein kleiner Irrtum)
     Someone's stealing stuff from the Mad Hatter's house, and all around 

In Toons we Trust (Die Wette)
     Lucky arrests giant toon bird Baby Hubert for a string of jewel thefts, 
but Bonkers believes he's innocent.  But then Lucky suspects that Bonkers is in
on the thefts, too.

Is Toon Fur Really Warm? (Das verschwundene Stachelschwein)
     Marilyn wants her favorite toon, Skunky Skunk, to be at her birthday
party.  But he's disappeared and is suspected of accidentally killing someone
on his show.

Luna-Toons (Der außerirdische Toon)
     Aliens send cadet Quark to take over the Earth, but no one will take him
seriously because everyone thinks he's just a toon.
   Quark          Frank Welker

Miracle in the 54th. Precinct (Das Wunder auf dem 34. Revier)
     Santa Claus is reported missing in a freak blizzard over Southern Califor-
nia.  Two of his elves recruit Lucky as a substitute.
   elf            Katie Leigh

Never Cry Pig (Das Wölfchen und die drei bösen Schweinchen)
     The Three Big Pigs try to pin their badly-constucted houses collapsing on
the Mean Old Wolf.
   Mean Old Wolf        Roger Bumpass

New Partners on the Block (Die Pepperoni-Spur)
     While pursuing a mad bomber, Lucky apparently dies in an explosion.
But Bonkers and his friend, Officer Miranda Wright, team up to find out the
truth.  The transition episode from the Taylor/Piquel episodes to the Capizzi/
Miranda episodes.
   Fireball Frank       Jim Cummings?

Once in a Blue Toon (Die Toonlaus)
     Bonkers and Lucky try to reform the Louse, a toon monster who does 
nothing but eat everything in sight.

Out of Sight, Out of Toon (Lucky, der Toon [?])
     Lucky catches Toon Flu, which turns him into a worm-sized toon.
   Maggie the worm     Madlen Marlin    Sherry Lynn

Poltertoon (Eine geistreiche Geschichte)
     A ghost reeks havoc in the Piquel household, just on the day the Kanifky's
invite themselves over for dinner.
   Louie the ghost         Charlie Adler
   Elmo the ghost       Billie Calloway?

Seems Like Old Toons (In letzter Sekunde)
     Marilyn helps a toon team of two bees and a bear make one last cartoon 
before their studio is torn down.

Stand-In Dad (Opa Arnie)
     Lucky goes undercover as Marilyn's favorite kid's show host Grandpa Arnie,
but finds out that Marilyn feels neglected by her dad.
   Two-Bits       Gilbert Gottfried

Stay Tooned (Die Polizei, dein Freund und Helfer ?)
     Bonkers loses a record book that's a key piece of evidence against a mob-
ster, and he suspects everyone around him of stealing it.

Stressed to Kill (Streß ohne Ende)
     Lucky suffers from severe stress in trying to nab an art thief.
   Mole           John Astin

Time Wounds All Heels  (Alte Freunde,Alte Feinde)
     Max Coody is released from prison and wants to meet the cop who sent him
up twenty years ago:  Lucky Piquel.  ( Originally titled "Cape Toon". )
   Max Coody         Jack Angel

Toon with No Name (Film im Film)
     A crime spree mirrors an old-west cartoon Bonkers once made.

Tune Pig (Das singende Schweinchen)
     For their anniversary, Lucky takes Dil to see her favorite crooner.  But
the crooner has a secret.

Weather or Not (Donner,Blitz und Sonnenschein)
     Bonkers investigates the disappearance of five weather toons who are 
popular stars of the local weather broadcast but who are big jerks.

A Wooley Bully (Der Mammutgangster)
     Mammoth Mammoth turns to crime after losing his job as a superhero on a
TV show.

Compiled by Juan F. Lara

Steven Back,