A team headed by Larry Latham produced 12 "He's Bonkers" shorts. These shorts are supposed to be some of the shorts Bonkers made at Wackytoons before he was fired. "Petal to the Metal" was originally shown with the movie "3 Ninjas" while the rest were shown on the program "Raw Toonage". Now they've been collected into four episodes with fillers of new material. The titles of the episodes refer to the fillers.

                                    Main Cast

	Bonkers D. Bobcat		Jim Cummings
	Jitters A. Dog			Jeff Bennett
	Fawn Deer			Nancy Cartwright
	Grumbles the Grizzly		Roger Bumpass
       	Tanya Trunk			Susan Silo
	Roderick Lizarrd		Jim Cummings
	Tuttle the Turtle 		none ( no lines )

GOLDIJITTERS AND THE THREE BOBCATS  (Goldjitters und die drei Luchse)
     Goldijitters is just about to sit down to a tofu dinner when the Three
Bobcats barge in to annoy her/him.

     Quest for Firewood (Auf dem Holzweg)
          In prehistoric times, cavecat Bonkers searches for firewood for his

     Gobble, Gobble Bonkers (Rettet den Truthan)
          Jitters lets Bonkers take one his beloved turkeys to Grumbles for 
     Thanksgiving dinner, not realizing that it's the dinner.

     Get Me to the Church on Time (Keine Zeit für`s Hochzeiten)
          Bonkers and Jitters have a difficult time getting to Jitters's 
     wedding with Tanya.


IF (Wenn)
     This time, Bonkers does his version of Rudyard Kipling's "If", with 
Jitters illustrating.

     Petal to the Metal (Eile, sonst Keile)
          Delivery boy Bonkers must deliver a dozen roses to Fawn in four
     minutes or he's through.

     Dogzapoppin' (Hunde, die bellen ...)
          Bonkers has to get an important package to his boss, Grumbles, but
     he can't get past Grumble's nasty dog.
     TrailMix Bonkers (Immer Druck mit der Platte)
          Pony express rider TrailMix Bonkers delivers two money plates to 
     California and fights the Grumbles Kid.


OH CARTOON, MY CARTOON (Oh Du mein Toon, Du mein Toon)
     Bonkers recites his own version of "Oh, Captain, my Captain", and Fall-
Apart acts it out.

     Get Me a Pizza ( Hold the Minefield ) (Der Pizzakrieg)
          A black-and-white newsreel tells of how World War I hero Bonkers 
     bravely delivered pizzas to our boys in the front.

     Spatula Party (Spatula Party)
          Bonkers new neighbor Fawn Deer wants to borrow a spatula, and so 
     Bonkers scurries all around the neighborhood trying to get one.

     Sheerluck Bonkers (Sherloock Bonkers)
          Victorian era detective Sheerluck Bonkers tries to find out who's
     stolen a priceless pendant from Princess Fawn of Doe-mania.


THE RUBBER ROOM SONG (Der Rubber Room Song)
     The opening sequence to "Casa-Bonkers", featuring the Bully Boys' trade-
mark song

     Ski Patrol (Bonkers,der Pistenschreck)
          Ambulance drivers Bonkers and Jitters rush to help skier Grumbles, 
     who's injured on the slopes.

     Bonkers in Space (Der Held der Galaxis)
          In the future, Bonkers and Jitters work at spaceship-wash outfit 
     in a space station.  But Jitters accidentally gets cast into space while
     Bonkers puts the moves on Fawn.

     Draining Cats and Dogs (Der Profiklemptner)
          Plumbers Bonkers and Jitters rescue Fawn when her pipes burst and 
     flood her house.

Compiled by Juan F. Lara

Steven Back,