Here is an episode guide of the 19 episodes made by the team headed by Duane Capizzi, featuring Officer Miranda Wright as Bonkers's partner. The Capizzi team was the original team working on Bonkers. But the episodes they got back from their animation studios came off disastrous. Capizzi felt that the problem was bad animation from the studios, but the execs blamed the problems on the scripts instead. Ultimately, the Capizzi team was ditched, and the team headed by Robert Taylor came in. These episodes are the Capizzi episodes that survived.

Below is a cast list. But for some of the characters I had a hard time recognizing the voice. So I put a question mark by the names. Also, I don't know the voices for some of the characters shown below. If someone can fill in the blanks, please do so.

                                    Main Cast

   Bonkers D. Bobcat    Jim Cummings
      Miranda Wright       Karla DeVito
   Sergeant Francis Q. Grating   Ron Perlman
   Jitters A. Dog       Jeff Bennett
        Professor Ludwig VonDrake   ? **
   Aloysius "Al" Vermin    Maurice LaMarche?
   Flaps          Joe Alaskey
   Lillith DuPrave         Eileen Brennan
   Mr. Blackandblue     Jim Cummings?
        Police Chief Leonard Kanifky   Earl Boen
   Officer Dennis       Jeff Bennett?
   Officer Stark        Dorian Harewood
        Roderick Lizarrd      Jim Cummings
   Tuttle the Turtle       Maurice LaMarche?
   Fawn Deer         none *
        Snitch the Rat        ? **
        Bucky Buzzsaw         ? **
      Duck Jones        ? **

     * Fawn had not one line of dialogue in the three appearances she made in
Capizzi episodes.
     ** Does anyone know who play these characters?

Bobcat Fever (Hatschi, oder hatschi nicht?
     Al Vermin tricks toon microbe Cheryl Germ into infecting Bonkers with 
various toon diseases.
   Cheryl Germ       Tress MacNeille

Cartoon Cornered (Toons, Toons und nochmehr Toons)
     Sgt. Grating gets lost in the sets of Wackytoons Studio when he gets 
locked in by Bucky Buzzsaw.  Then Wild Man Wyatt breaks out of prison and 
comes after Grating.

Casa-Bonkers (Bonkers' alte Flamme)
     Bonkers's old flame, Catia Legs Go-on-a-lot, gets him involved in a fight
between Flaps and Al Vermin over the Maltese Beenie.
   Catia Legs Go-on-a-lot     Sherry Lynn

Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep? (Sind Träume Schäume?)
     Baa-bara, one of the toon sheep that Bonkers counts to get to sleep,
gets fed up with her dead-end life and starts stealing Bonkers's dreams for
   Baa-bara       Louise Duarte
   Darkwing Duck        Jim Cummings

Dog Day AfterToon (Ba ba Banküberfall)
     When the "Pits and Smarts" series is cancelled, Pits the dog holds a bank
full of people hostage with a toon bomb, demanding a new series.

A Fistful of Anvils (Die Gute-Nacht-Geschichte)
     Bonkers tells Miranda's nephew Timmy the story of how TrailMix Bonkers 
and Two-Gun the bounty hunter saved the old west town of Lawless from the 
clutches of Al Varmint.
   Timmy          Dana Hill

Love Stuck (Das einsame Stachelschwein)
     Toon porcupine Winston Prickly kidnaps bachelors from the game show 
"Love Corral" when they won't let him on the show.  In investigating the 
kidnappings, Bonkers falls madly in love with human bachelorette Rita Love-
   Boss Hoss         Sorell Booke

Of Mice and Menace (Von Mäusen und Polizisten)
     Bonkers takes in three toon mice left on his doorstep, not knowing that
they're the accomplices of Flaps, the criminal elephant with a fixation on 
   Meenie            Jeff Bennett
   Mynie          Jim Cummings
   Moe            Chick Venerra
        Dumbo                           none

Quibbling Rivalry (Medienfieber)
     Miranda's sister, TV reporter Shirley Wright, makes Bonkers look bad in
a series of reports.
   Shirley Wright       Erin Gray

Springtime for the Iguana (Die Bretter die die Welt bedeuten)
     Bonkers persuades a reluctant Roderick Lizarrd to try out for the monster
role in a B-picture.  But then Roddy's framed for sabotaging the flick.

The Stork Exchange (Falsche Babies)
     Lillith DuPrave kidnaps the storks that deliver toon babies to their 
parents and uses them to smuggle stolen weapons to a client.

Tokyo Bonkers (Tokio sehen und senden)
     Bonkers and Miranda escort toon villain Z-Bot to Tokyo, where Bonkers is 
still a major star.  But Z-Bot escapes with the help of the Ninja Kitties.
   police chief         Bob Ito

Toon for a Day (Toon für einen Tag)
     Sgt. Grating gets hit on the head, and thinks he's toon beaver Bucky 

The Toon that Ate Hollywood (Humor ist, wenn man trozdem lacht)
     Envious at how easily toons can make people laugh, Gloomy the Clown steals
Ludwig von Drake's humorizer, which robs toons of their sense of humor.

Trains, Toons and Toon Trains (Die Juwelenjagd)
     Bonkers and Miranda escort jewel thief Vic "Stiff Lips" Sullivan to 
prison by train.  But two crooks try to kidnap Sullivan to get him to reveal
the whereabouts of his stolen jewels.

The 29th. Page (Die verflixte 29. Seite)
     Alowysius Vermin and his gang search for the key clue to a mobster's loot,
hidden in the 29th. page of some book.

What you Read is What you Get (Das Sensationsblatt)
     Lillith DuPrave uses Hildy, a magic toon typewriter to make her tabloid's 
stories come to life.  But Bonkers keeps getting mixed up in the stories.
     Hildy           B.J. Ward?
     Truth Fairy        Tress MacNeille?

When the Spirit Moves You (Dobie, der dämliche Geist)
     Bonkers and Miranda evict a toon ghost from his old house, but the ghost
starts haunting the police station instead.

Witless for the Prosecution (Die Kronzeugin)
     Miranda can testify against publisher Lillith DuPrave at her counterfeit-
ing trial.  So she hides out in Bonkers's house until the trial.  But Bonkers
and his friends annoy her by smothering her with attention.

Compiles by Juan F. Lara

Steven Back,