(credits to Emily Eickhoff for the transcript. Thank you!)

Yet another poem, by Walt Whitman... more or less

Oh cartoon, my cartoon 
Our story has begun,
The plot will twist almost every way
Before the tale is done.
A shadow falls, a siren screams,
Too late you guard your paid.
But oh, ha ha ha! Oh, agony and dread

Where on the floor, my cartoon lies
An anvil on his head

Oh cartoon, my cartoon
Arise and take a bow
But don't forget, we're not done yet
Beware the falling cow

For you, the smack, 
For you, the whack,
For you, a sock of fish
Dooms-day, bombs away
A custard pie that's rich

Oh cartoon, dear cartoon
Hanging on by just a thread
But never fret, you're bound to get an anvil on your head

My cartoon doesn't answer, his parts scattered about
He stoops the pick the pieces up, his face is full of doubt
He knows the grand finale will cause pain as yet unknown
But don't despair, you have a spare,
A handy-dandy clone

Oh cartoon, my cartoon
Of you there are but shreds
But we are almoste done, there is still one anvil on your head