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You decide to ask the toon in the orange cap what he knows, and
he removes his disguise. Bonkers looks at the rat in a garbageman's
outfit and shakes his head.

"Snitch, ol' buddy? What're you doin' in that getup?"
"Hiding from the Scribbler."
"What do you know about the Scribbler, Mr. Snitch?" You ask.

Snitch looks at your name tag.
"Officer Rong, huh? Well, I'll let you know this much. There is
one guy who's seen the Scribbler and managed to stay his normal
shape. Go to the Rubber Room. Bonkers knows where it is."

Snitch and the other toons move off, and Bonkers rips the paper
you were writing on off the pad and shows it to Miranda.
"Lookit, Miranda! Chris's got his first lead!"
Miranda smiles. "Let's go to the Rubber Room and see who's there."

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