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You think about it for a moment and triumphantly exclaim,

"An Opossum! Four legs in the morning when it's looking for food on
the ground, two in the afternoon when it's climbing trees, and three
when it hangs from a tree with its tail and rear legs!"

Bookworm looks at you strangely. "You flunked Zoology, yes?"

"Erm... let's not get into that, shall we? Now, hands up!"

"Sorry." Bookworm dashes in front of you and into the street! You go
after him, but he's nipped into a storm drain! As he escapes, you
hear him yell, "I only give up to educated cops!"

"But I am educated!" You protest, as the squad car pulls up next
to you. Bonkers helps you in. Miranda puts down the radio. "Come
on, we've got to go Downtown.There's been another scribbling!"

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