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You snicker and reply confidently,

"As Oedipus said to the Gryphon,"A Human being. He crawls on all
fours as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult, and walks with a
cane as an elder."

Bookworm nods. "Actually, he said it to the Sphynx, but that's close
enough. It's a pleasure to surrender to a well-read mind."

You lead Bookworm back to the squadcar and get pats on the back
from Miranda and the still dizzy Bonkers. Miranda hands you the
radio. "Go ahead and radio in your first collar." You joyfully call
it in, and Sgt. Grating makes an approving noise. "Fine.Good work.
I'm entering a commendation in your record, Rong.Now head
Downtown, there's been another scribbling."

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