Page 006

As the squadcar passes by the third obnoxiously large hotel in
Uptown Hollywood, Bonkers makes Miranda slam on the brakes.
"What is it, Bonkers? Is there a scribbling going on?"
Bonkers shakes his head and points to the door. Three toons you
recognize as Al Vermin, Bookworm and Jitterbug are busy trying
to fence anvils on the street.

You and Bonkers sneak up to a corner. Bonkers shudders.
"Look at those cheap anvils. Made out of cast iron. One drop,
and they fall apart! I had a friend who used to do that, too."
Bonkers gets ready for action. He turns to you.

"You want to try nabbing him, or you wanna watch a pro handle it?"
He grins.
1) "I think I can get him."
2) "Go for it, Bonkers!"
3) Quit