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"Bobcat! Rong !"You jerk your head up as Grating leans
over you. "This is important! And gimme that!" Grating
takes the slice of Pizza from your hand and chomps on it
while talking.

"Over the past week, somebody's been attacking toons all
around the city. This-" Grating pulls a mangled mass of
lines and color out of a box, and everyone gasps.

"This used to be Bucky Buzzsaw. Some nutcase scrambled
him up with some kinda formula similar to the 'Dip' that was
used in the early '30's to erase toons. It's been called
'scribbling', and as of right now, we don't have a way to
reverse it. We think this guy's going to strike again, and
we've gotta stop him before he does. Bonkers-"
You watch as Sgt. Grating leans over to Bonkers,who has
somehow tied his hands in a knot, and picks him up.


"Hee hee... yeah, Sarge?" Bonkers grins stupidly.
Grating slaps his head, and continues. "You're the toon around
here, so you, Wright, and Rong are gonna be assigned to this
case. Get to the bottom of it fast! Got it?"

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