Page 003

You walk into the briefing room and meet Miranda Wright by the
water cooler in the back.

Chris Rong, right?" she asks.

You nod, anxious to start your first day on the job. She takes
a moment to shake your hand and then points out the fuzzy
orange toon bobcat on top of Sgt. Grating's head.

"That's Bonkers- my partner. During this evaluation, you're
going to work with both of us on whatever case Grating gives
us today."

You sit down in front, wondering what working with a real live
Toon is going to be like. Bonkers sits next to you, and after
shaking your hand vigorously, he pulls out a small pizza and
starts to eat it. Sergeant Grating sees this, and is not amused-
especially when you take a slice.

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